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Windows 10 is a newest operating system which delivers a lot of interactive features. The OS keeps getting better with the regular updates. There are few issues which need to be resolved. Windows 10 tech support number will advise you if you encounter any trouble.

Windows 10 Technical Support

Windows 10 flickering screen issue:- The blurry and flickering issue is mainly due to the hardware fault. However, there are some cases reported when the problem linked with the Windows up gradation. The easiest way to fix this problem is to update the relevant drivers. Give us a call to our Windows 10 tech support phone number. We will analyze the problem and provide suggestions to fix it.

Windows 10 Start Menu issue:- The Start Menu folder shows Universal Apps. Start Menu can be easily customized according to the suitability of the user. However, sometimes the Start Menu cluttered when using a lot of apps. You may also get the error " Start Menu not working". Restarting the system will resolve the problem. In some cases disabling the antivirus will fix the issue. Dial to our Windows 10 Tech support number if still, the problem persists.

Windows 10 black screen issue:- A black screen means several issues. If the Windows 10 hasn't booted and displays black screen at the boot loop then the problem lies at the startup files. Remove all the external connected peripherals from the system. The problem will be solved automatically. If removing the peripherals don't fix the problem then use the Safe Mode feature. The Safe Mode functionality boots the system with the minimum requirements. If the problem still persists and makes you worried then call to our Windows 10 tech support phone number.

Windows 10 Firewall issue:- Windows Firewall is the basic effort to keep PC safe from malware and other attacks. The firewall must be turned on. It will automatically diagnose and fix problems. However, if you face any issues with the Firewall functionality then call to our Windows 10 tech support phone number.

Our dedicated professional fix the following firewall issues:-

  • Windows Firewall configuration issue.
  • Windows Firewall won't start.
  • Windows Firewall proxy issue.
  • Windows Firewall remote assistance issue.
  • Windows Firewall sharing issue.
  • Windows Firewall blocking issue.

Windows 10 Wifi issue:- Some users are imputing that the Wifi connection performance is erratic after installing Windows 10 OS. Check the router settings first. Turn off the router and switch it back after some time. This will likely fix the vast majority of issues. Also, check the Wifi Drivers and keep it up to date. If the issue still persists then don't hesitate to take the help of Windows 10 tech support number.

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