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Many users are facing slow performance of Windows 10 in their system. The sluggish experience of Windows 10 is mainly due to the input lags. For example: After clicking the Chrome application, it takes about 2-3 seconds to appear. Due to this, many users are have downgraded their system to previous version. According to the Microsoft, the problem will be tweaked by fixing the page file settings. Changing the settings to default will improve the overall system performance. If the problem still preserves then dial to our Microsoft Windows 10 Support Number(+1-855-639-4698). The problem will be immediately rectified by our prowess professional.

Microsoft Windows10 Technical Support

Reasons why the system works slowly in Windows 10:-

  • Less processing power and available memory.
  • Outdated and corrupted drivers.
  • Incomplete installation of Windows 10 Update files.

Follow the following steps to improve the performance of the system:-

  • End all applications and processes that are not in use:- The processes which are running will require physical memory. Disabling these useless processes will speed up the system. Go to Start> Run> and type "msconfig". It will display all the processes that are installed on the system. Disable the useless process. Ultimately the system will speed up immediately. Call to our Microsoft Windows 10 Help Number and get solutions immediately through remote access.
  • Restart the System:- Even though you close down or remove the process, the data still resides in the physical memory as a cache. This makes the system slower and slower. Shut down the computer and reboot it again. Empty the Recycle Bin and clear up all the unused files from there. Give us a call to our Microsoft Windows 10 Support Number. We will guide you through the phone call and provide immediate response to your problem.
  • Remove Bloatware from the system:- The biggest factor why your system is running slow is bloatware. Bloatware is insidious and useless in most of the cases. They are installed by the computer's manufacturer. Remove this bloatware by the use of the third party security software. You will be amazed to see the outcome after removing this useless pre-installed software.
  • Update the Drivers:- The slow and buggy experience of Windows 10 OS is due to the corrupted or outdated drivers. The device will not work properly if the drivers are outdated. Download the latest drivers from the Microsoft Server. Also, make sure that the drivers are functioning properly and are not missing or corrupted. Microsoft Windows 10 Help Number is the one stop solution for all the troubles. So feel free to contact us.
  • Use Antivirus/ Firmware to clean up the computer:- In some cases, the slow performance is due to the viruses or malicious codes. Use an authorized anti-virus or firmware to scan the system files and data. The malicious viruses must be removed from the system. The machine will be zippier and faster after performing all the aforementioned steps. Give us a call to our Microsoft Windows 10 Support Number if the problem still persists and makes the system unstable and laggy.

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