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Windows 10 free upgrade is available for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users. The updates can be easily installed through the "in-place update process" or by downloading the "ISO file". Those who have recently upgrade their system to Windows 10 had undergone few difficulties in the downloading process. These difficulties along with solutions are mentioned here. If you encounter these troubles then dial to our Windows 10 Customer Support Number(+1-855-639-4698). Our executive is well versed and knowledgeable to solve any difficulty.

Support for Windows10

Windows 10 Installation issues:-

Windows 10 update files are easily downloadable from the internet. However, there are issues which arise during the updating process. If the update failed then follow the following steps to counter the problem:-

  • Disable antivirus and firmware and make sure the proxy won't obstruct the downloading process.
  • Remove the external peripherals from the system: drivers, modems, and USB.
  • Reboot the system.

Call at Windows 10 Customer Support Number For Help

If the update problem still persists, then run a troubleshooter to distinctly diagnose the problem. Go to the Windows Update troubleshooter page and download the troubleshooter from the Server. The troubleshooter will take few minutes to scan the updated files. It will display the errors and also provide solutions to rectify it. It will fix them automatically. Close the Troubleshooter and run the update files again. If you need any immediate consult, call to our Windows 10 Customer Support Number.

If the troubleshooter won't work then there is another way to solve the problem. Sometimes the hidden folder stores the upgrade files. These temporary files may get corrupted. Removing these files will solve the problem. Give us a call to our Windows 10 Phone Number if the problem still perseveres and make the updating process more complicated.

Windows 10 Installer issue:- The users are imputing that the installer hangs for hours or reboots continuously during the installation process. Removing the external hard drive and disconnect peripherals that are not necessary. Make sure that you install the right upgrade of the installer: 32 bit for 32-bit machines and 64 bit for most. Run the downloading process again. If you get any problem then dial to our Windows 10 Phone Number. Our support executive is well qualified and professional in dealing with all the installation issues.

If you perform an in-place upgrade then there are chances that you will get Blue Screen, Black Screen, and nonsensical error messages. Booting the system into safe mode and open the Windows Recovery Environment on your system.You can easily boot the system into Safe mode. Safe mode runs the system with the minimum functional apps and system requirements. Dail to our Windows 10 Phone Number if you still get the non-functional error messages on the screen. We will find the real cause of the problem and provide solutions instantly through remote access.

Our technical executive will solve the following technical glitches:-

  • Windows 10 System instability issue.
  • Windows 10 installation issue.
  • Windows 10 error codes issue.
  • Windows 10 Installer issue.
  • Windows 10 Update files issue.
  • Windows 10 System requirements issue.
  • Windows 10 compatibility issue.

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