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Windows 10 is a game changer Operating System by Microsoft. The OS is versatile and designed to accommodate all the devices i.e desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The user gets updates of Windows 10 regularly on the internet. It brings better accessibility features and comes with a new look, new browser, and new features. Likewise, as for any software develops there are issues associated with it. Windows 10 Customer Service Number(+1-855-639-4698) is a one stop place for all the problems.

Windows 10 Customer Service

Our support executive will resolve the following technical glitches:-

Windows 10 installation failed issue:- When you try to install the Windows 10 update files from the internet, you may receive an error "Something happened" or "Files couldn't installed". These errors indicate that the update of Windows 10 failed. There are myriads of reasons behind this problem. In some cases, the problem lies in the internet connection. An actively and fast internet connection will solve the problem. Also, perform an in-place upgrade rather than downloading the ISO files. Give us a call to our Windows 10 Customer Service Number in case of any help and guidance.

Windows 10 reboot issue:- Windows 10 is truly an internet based software which uses the internet for the better experience. But here comes the most annoying part the automatic updates. The inconvenient automatic updates force the system to reboot process. To stop the inconvenient updates go to Settings>Updates and Security. Now click on advanced options and then notify to schedule start. The next time the updates installed the system notify the user for rebooting process. If still the problem persists and the system reboots without displaying the notification then you have to dial to our Windows 10 Customer Service Phone Number.

Windows Store crashing issue:- The store app is a platform where the user can download the apps and the games. However, some users are imputing that the store app crashes unexpectedly when downloading apps. There is no easy fix for the issue. There are a number of reasons behind the problem. Call to our Windows 10 Customer Service Number. Our prowess professional will rectify the cause resolve the problem through remote access.

Windows 10 software crashing issue:- When the user downloads the Windows 10 in their system, the older version of the application updates automatically. For instance, the Internet Explorer has updated automatically to Microsoft Edge. But in some cases, the old version of the application crashes and didn't get the new update. One such application is Chrome, which needs to be fully deleted from the application. The updated application is installed easily from the Windows store. If you want any information regarding the crashing issue and intermittent experience of the application then you can call directly to Windows 10 Customer Service Phone Number.

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